8 ways you can help fight period poverty and show you care

Artwork created by volunteer Rhianna

It’s important to remember that period poverty is ongoing which is difficult to address as it is not only an economic/financial issue but its persistence lies on the firmly held cultural beliefs and stigma.

While we wait for bloody change, there’s still lots of ways for you to help women…

An introduction to period poverty and why it is still such a large problem in 2021

Artwork created by volunteer Rhianna

For some of you, your period may be nothing more than a monthly nuisance. If you’re extremely lucky, it may come around each month without much thought. For others, both in the UK and internationally, periods are made far more complicated due to the difficulties in accessibility and affordability.


Sex is one of the biggest sensationalised topics in the media, yet many people are afraid to talk about it. Within this, contraception can often be seen as a taboo conversation — but why is that?

In 2019/2020 it was recorded that 1.9 million women in England contacted NHS sexual…

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you are painfully aware of the lengthy process involved in rebuilding your sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, this does not happen overnight and the healing journey can seem long and tedious. On top of this, it can be particularly strenuous if the assault…

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